The idea of Hugo’s Workshop was born when I was at home on maternity leave with my first son. In those long sleepless nights, I thought of ways I could start my own business from home. Everything had changed and I knew that I didn’t want to go back to my 9-5 office job.

Night after night, between the night feeds and nappy changes the niggling feeling persisted. Dare I dream? Were my ideas good enough?

Then my husband surprised me with a gift. A romantic city break for the pair of us? No. A spa day to give me back some ‘me time’? No. His credit card so I could go shopping? Not that either.

He had bought me a wood carving machine for our home office under the stairs. He started out as a carpenter and has always has a passion for beautiful pieces of wood – our home is full of oak furniture.

With my new ‘workshop’ under the stairs and thousands of photos of my baby Hugo, the perfect solution was to start by engraving some beautiful oak photo frames – which are still my best-seller to this day! Hugo’s Workshop was up and running.

The idea of unique handcrafted gifts has really taken off over the last few years as people want to source eco-friendly, personal gifts created by independent operators like myself. Quirky marketplaces like Etsy have soared, I get many orders from there!

Over the years I’ve extended my product range to include engraved chopping boards, G&T boards, medal displays and much more. I grew from that office under the stairs to a workshop in the garage. And now, in 2020, I’m thrilled to have my own larger external premises.

There have been some awesome moments along the way, I’ve met some incredible customers, won many awards and have even been featured in the press, on the radio and on TV. Being interviewed by Jeremy Vine after meeting at Pub in the Park in Chiswick last year was a particular highlight. He became a big fan, buying and featuring the chopping board I originally made for Teresa May on his Facebook videos and his TV show more than once!

My family has grown alongside my business and I am so proud to serve you with gifts for your own homes. I couldn’t do this without your support and every order means something to me – the personal messages I engrave are simply beautiful. Although competing against the likes of Amazon isn’t easy, my proposition is very different. I stand for love, cherished moments and treasured memories.

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