Kids Engraved Handwriting Products - it's much easier than you think!

People keep asking me how the handwriting products are made so I thought I would write a short step by step guide to this really simple process. 

exact copy of handwriting engraved into oak
  • Start by placing your order for a chopping board, medal display, photo frame or any other personalised item from the Hugo's Workshop website. 
  • Get your child (or children) to write and/or draw their message or pictures on a piece of white paper. Use unlined paper if possible and ideally written with a black pen (these two 'rules' are not essential, I understand that it is not easy to get kids to write and draw on demand!)
  • Take a photo of your child's masterpiece with your smartphone. It's fine if you send over several photos. I can cut and paste, and stitch things together! 
  • There are two ways of getting the photos to me. Either upload your photo/s when you place your online order or respond to your order confirmation email with the photo (or photos) attached. 
  • Once you have sent in your photos, wait a day or two and you will find a digital preview of your design drop into your inbox. 

Next Steps..

  • Tell me what you think. Would you like any of it to be made bigger or smaller? Do you want it moved to the left, or the right or centered? Just let me know and I will make the changes you require. It is my mission to get the final product exactly as you imagined it (or better!). 
  • Once you have approved the design, I will engrave it, sand it down and then lovingly oil or varnish it to bring out the the beauty of the grain of the wood and of course the gorgeous design. 

I do a lot of engravings of children's handwriting, mostly because it is so cute and because it's so important to capture those precious memories of them when they are still little. 

However, there are lots of reasons why you might want to have an adult's handwriting engraved into something. I have made a handful of memorial photo frames where I enscribed onto a photo frame an exact copy of the writing of someone who had sadly passed away. They make a beautiful and heartfelt gift. 

You may also have some special writing that you would like to have engraved. I spoke to a lady at a craft fair recently who was interested in buying a Christmas present for her calligraphy teacher. She was thinking of having some beautiful calligraphy engraved into a chopping board. She wanted something beautiful but that was also functional. 

If you are an avid reader of my blog (and who isn't?!), you may have read a previous post of mine where I talk all about a calligraphy workshop I attended and how I engraved my little piece of art onto a little oak sign. 

Calligraphy engraved into wood
My "artwork"
My very own engraved work of art!
My very own engraved work of art!

The power of these totally unique gifts can't be underestimated.

They are wonderfully heartfelt gifts which are mega easy to have made and become treasures to keep forever. 

Just look at this fantastic review from a customer. 

Can you imagine getting a reaction like this to a gift you gave to someone?

Now you know how simple these are to have made, why don't you place an order today? 

Posted by Rebecca De Jager on November 19th 2018

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